Software Projects Undertaken

No. Project Description Technology Type
1 Registry App Addition and modification of windows registry and clearing Run history from registry Windows Self
2 Task Manager Displaying the Task Manager programs in ListView format Windows Self
3 Active Directory Validating AD user and getting the names of all AD Users Windows Self
4 PGP Implementing PGP in C# Windows Self
5 LOC Calculating Lines Of Code Web Self
6 Performance Counter Implementing Windows Perform= ance Counters Web Self
7 Rabbit MQ  Implementing Rabbit MQ in C# alongside MSMQ Web Self
8 Log Pattern IIS and Application Logs filtering to calculate time difference between request and response Web Self
9 Geo Implementing third party API to get Sunrise, Sunset time of every country and also based on location and Charting Web Self
10 SMS API Implementing SMS Alerts of nGage Web Self
11 DCB CBS ISO Message building and parsing Web Self
12 TPS Implementing TPS using parallel processing Web Self
13 File Store  Store any files in DB Web Self
14 Mobile Recharge White Label Solution for Banks for doing recharges online Web Org
15 SMS Alerts Sending SMS Alerts for DBS Bank Windows Org
16 OTP Alerts Sending OTP Alerts for DBS Bank Web Org
17 Utility Service Windows Utility Service for Scheduling and running user programs (.cs) Windows Service Org
18 EuroVas2 Platform for doing online recharges WCF & Classes Org
19 ExcelApp DSR application done in Excel Console Org
20 Gift Card Site Site developed for Gift Cards Web Org
21 Hungama Integration done with Hungama for Music download Web API Org
22 BPL Application developed to support recharges for BPL thru Oracle Console Org
23 Request Response Service developed to send generic request and get the response either Get or Post Web Services Org
24 UAEXchange Application developed to integrate with UAEXchange Services (Bill Payment & Remittance) Web Org
25 Operator APIs Integration done with different Operators for doing online recharges (Mobile, DTH) Web Org
26 NIA New India Assurance API Integration Web API Org
27 Captcha Captcha Implementation Web Self
28 Crystal Reports Implementing Crystal Reports Windows Org
29 Data Xfer Data transfer App, Quick transfer data to Excel Windows Self
30 Dictionary App Implementing API to integrate English dictionary Windows Self
31 Dynamic Service Call Implementing calling a web service dynamically Windows Self
32 File Upload Download Tool to upload and download file from defined location as source and destination Web & Windows Service Self
33 MySQL Connector Integrating MySQL in C# Windows Self
34 Oauth Oauth Implementation in C# Web Org
35 Sudoku Implementing Sudoku game logic Windows Self
36 Switch Windows Switching windows and calling programs after intervals Windows Self
37 Telnet App Telnet implementation Windows Self
38 UAM User Access Management for changing windows password Windows Self
39 Web Crawler Implementing Web Crawler Web Self
40 WinSCP Implementing Win SCP for file transferring Windows Org

.. and many more.